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Definition of Continue


  1. To remain in a given place or condition; to remain in connection with; to abide; to stay.
  2. To be permanent or durable; to endure; to last.
  3. To be steadfast or constant in any course; to persevere; to abide; to endure; to persist; to keep up or maintain a particular condition, course, or series of actions; as, the army continued to advance.
  4. To unite; to connect.
  5. To protract or extend in duration; to preserve or persist in; to cease not.
  6. To carry onward or extend; to prolong or produce; to add to or draw out in length.
  7. To retain; to suffer or cause to remain; as, the trustees were continued; also, to suffer to live.
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Continue Translations

continue in Dutch is aanhouden
continue in French is continuons, durer, continuez, continuent
continue in German is weitermachen, fortfahren, andauern, fortsetzen
continue in Italian is proseguire, continuare a fare
continue in Latin is remaneo, persevero, procedo, remaneo
continue in Norwegian is fortsette
continue in Spanish is proseguir, continuar, durar