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Definition of Contestant


  1. One who contests; an opponent; a litigant; a disputant; one who claims that which has been awarded to another.

Contestant Quotations

I believe the 'Jeopardy!' test is more difficult than being a contestant on the program.
Alex Trebek

I think when you're a TV presenter, you have to have a reason for doing it ,and a lot of them have been around a long time and grafted for that. The reason why it works with me on 'The Xtra Factor' is because I was a contestant on it, and I have a relationship with the viewers at home.
Olly Murs

Sometimes I feel like I'm a contestant in a reality show that probably would be called The Apprentice Survivor Millionaire.
Bob Iger

Part of my job as a food writer is to describe food. So my work on 'Top Chef,' I feel, is an extension of that. When we give a criticism to the contestant, we want to make sure we tell them why it's not working and why it would work if they did it a different way.
Padma Lakshmi

My cholesterol went from 220 to 149. I was crying like a 'Biggest Loser' contestant when my doctor gave me the news.
Marissa Jaret Winokur
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Contestant Translations

contestant in Spanish is oponente

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