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Definition of Constrain


  1. To secure by bonds; to chain; to bond or confine; to hold tightly; to constringe.
  2. To bring into a narrow compass; to compress.
  3. To hold back by force; to restrain; to repress.
  4. To compel; to force; to necessitate; to oblige.
  5. To violate; to ravish.
  6. To produce in such a manner as to give an unnatural effect; as, a constrained voice.

Constrain Quotations

While sanctions against Iran and Syria are intended to constrain those countries' governments, they have had the unfortunate side effect of constraining activists' access to free online software and services used widely across the Middle East, including browsers, online chat applications, and online storage services.
Rebecca MacKinnon

War - An act of violence whose object is to constrain the enemy, to accomplish our will.
George Washington

It vexes me when they would constrain science by the authority of the Scriptures, and yet do not consider themselves bound to answer reason and experiment.
Galileo Galilei

If your souls were not immortal, and you in danger of losing them, I would not thus speak unto you; but the love of your souls constrains me to speak: methinks this would constrain me to speak unto you forever.
George Whitefield

Buildings designed exclusively on scientific principles will depress their occupants and constrain their creativity.
Robert Evans
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Constrain Translations

constrain in German is zwingen
constrain in Swedish is hindra
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