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Definition of Consolidating


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Consolidating Quotations

Stories serve the purpose of consolidating whatever gains people or their leaders have made or imagine they have made in their existing journey thorough the world.
Chinua Achebe

Payfirma has revolutionized the payment process, consolidating mobile, e-commerce and in-store payments under a single solution, much like HootSuite did for social media.
Ryan Holmes

Whether you're a programmer or a seamstress, it's all about new techniques, simplifying old techniques, and consolidating steps. Making things go faster - but not worse.
Martha Stewart

The whole financial industry is consolidating in the United States.
Sanford I. Weill

Given political history in Chile, it seemed to me that there was a critical task of consolidating a democracy and creating healthy civic-military and political-military relationships.
Michelle Bachelet
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Consolidating Translations

consolidating in French is consolidant
consolidating in German is konsolidierend

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