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Definition of Conserving


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Conserving Quotations

A radical generally meant a man who thought he could somehow pull up the root without affecting the flower. A conservative generally meant a man who wanted to conserve everything except his own reason for conserving anything.
Gilbert K. Chesterton

Conserving energy and thus saving money, reducing consumption of unnecessary products and packaging and shifting to a clean-energy economy would likely hurt the bottom line of polluting industries, but would undoubtedly have positive effects for most of us.
David Suzuki

Their very conservatism is secondhand, and they don't know what they are conserving.
Robertson Davies

Conserving habitats is a wellspring for the next industrial revolution.
Janine Benyus

It is impossible to talk about slowing climate change without talking about reducing CO2 emissions. Equally, it is impossible to talk about adapting to climate change without considering how we will feed ourselves. And it is out of the question that we can adapt agriculture without conserving crop diversity.
Cary Fowler
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Conserving Translations

conserving in German is erhaltend
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