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Definition of Consecrate


  1. Consecrated; devoted; dedicated; sacred.
  2. To make, or declare to be, sacred; to appropriate to sacred uses; to set apart, dedicate, or devote, to the service or worship of God; as, to consecrate a church; to give (one's self) unreservedly, as to the service of God.
  3. To set apart to a sacred office; as, to consecrate a bishop.
  4. To canonize; to exalt to the rank of a saint; to enroll among the gods, as a Roman emperor.
  5. To render venerable or revered; to hallow; to dignify; as, rules or principles consecrated by time.

Consecrate Translations

consecrate in German is segnen
consecrate in Hungarian is beszentelt, megszentelt, felszentelt, szentelt
consecrate in Latin is consecro
consecrate in Norwegian is vigsle, innvie
consecrate in Spanish is consagrar
consecrate in Swedish is viga, inviga, helga
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