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Definition of Conglomerate


  1. Gathered into a ball or a mass; collected together; concentrated; as, conglomerate rays of light.
  2. Closely crowded together; densly clustered; as, conglomerate flowers.
  3. Composed of stones, pebbles, or fragments of rocks, cemented together.
  4. That which is heaped together in a mass or conpacted from various sources; a mass formed of fragments; collection; accumulation.
  5. A rock, composed or rounded fragments of stone cemented together by another mineral substance, either calcareous, siliceous, or argillaceous; pudding stone; -- opposed to agglomerate. See Breccia.
  6. To gather into a ball or round body; to collect into a mass.

Conglomerate Quotations

As a source of innovation, an engine of our economy, and a forum for our political discourse, the Internet can only work if it's a truly level playing field. Small businesses should have the same ability to reach customers as powerful corporations. A blogger should have the same ability to find an audience as a media conglomerate.
Al Franken

Jazz music by its very nature is just a conglomerate of a lot of different kinds of music.
David Sanborn

The overwhelming triumph of the international multimedia conglomerate has resulted in less diversity within the field and has made it much harder for newer writers not only to break in, but to make any kind of a living while doing so.
Alan Dean Foster

I run me like a conglomerate, because that's what I am.
Willard Scott

That said, there is a tendency to help the large industrial conglomerate more quickly than the small company you have never heard of. That is something in the culture we are trying to change.
Lawrence Eagleburger
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Conglomerate Translations

conglomerate in German is zusammenballen
conglomerate in Spanish is aglomerado
conglomerate in Swedish is gytter, hopgyttrad
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