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Definition of Confucianism


  1. The political morality taught by Confucius and his disciples, which forms the basis of the Chinese jurisprudence and education. It can hardly be called a religion, as it does not inculcate the worship of any god.

Confucianism Quotations

20th-century totalitarian movements were no more defined by a rejection of Judeo-Christianity than they were defined by a rejection of astrology, alchemy, Confucianism, Scientology, or any of hundreds of other belief systems.
Steven Pinker

Life and human society are the chief concern of Confucianism and, through it, the chief concern of the Chinese people.
Hu Shih

Confucianism strongly condemned the use of drugs like opium.
Robert Trout

The world will always need revolution. That doesn't mean shooting and violence. A revolution is when you change your thinking. Confucianism and Christianity were both revolutionary.
Jose Mujica

Under Confucianism, the use of precisely measured court music, prescribed steps, actions, and phrases all added up to an extremely complex system of rituals, each used for a particular purpose at a particular time.
Benjamin Hoff
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Confucianism Translations

confucianism in Spanish is confucianismo
confucianism in Swedish is konfucianism

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