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Definition of Confess


  1. To make acknowledgment or avowal in a matter pertaining to one's self; to acknowledge, own, or admit, as a crime, a fault, a debt.
  2. To acknowledge faith in; to profess belief in.
  3. To admit as true; to assent to; to acknowledge, as after a previous doubt, denial, or concealment.
  4. To make known or acknowledge, as one's sins to a priest, in order to receive absolution; -- sometimes followed by the reflexive pronoun.
  5. To hear or receive such confession; -- said of a priest.
  6. To disclose or reveal, as an effect discloses its cause; to prove; to attest.
  7. To make confession; to disclose sins or faults, or the state of the conscience.
  8. To acknowledge; to admit; to concede.
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Confess Translations

confess in Afrikaans is bieg
confess in Danish is bekende
confess in Dutch is biechten, toegeven, bekennen, erkennen
confess in French is avouer, confessez, confessent, confesser
confess in German is beichten, bekennen, zugeben
confess in Italian is confessare, confessarsi
confess in Spanish is confesar