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Definition of Conduit


  1. A pipe, canal, channel, or passage for conveying water or fluid.
  2. A structure forming a reservoir for water.
  3. A narrow passage for private communication.

Conduit Quotations

Trust is the conduit for influence; it's the medium through which ideas travel.
Amy Cuddy

Epistemology is the study of knowledge. By what conduit do we know what we know?
Theodore Bikel

I think my best skill in this whole deal is as a conduit to try to bring people together, because I think it's in our unity that we'll have the greatest strength.
Woody Harrelson

I feel like I'm a secondary artist, a kind of a conduit for the writer, and if it's a good writer, then I have a great road map.
Mamie Gummer

The Internet has been this miraculous conduit to the undeniable truth to the Holocaust.
Steven Spielberg
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Conduit Translations

conduit in German is Rohrleitung, Rohr
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