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Definition of Conclude


  1. To shut up; to inclose.
  2. To include; to comprehend; to shut up together; to embrace.
  3. To reach as an end of reasoning; to infer, as from premises; to close, as an argument, by inferring; -- sometimes followed by a dependent clause.
  4. To make a final determination or judgment concerning; to judge; to decide.
  5. To bring to an end; to close; to finish.
  6. To bring about as a result; to effect; to make; as, to conclude a bargain.
  7. To shut off; to restrain; to limit; to estop; to bar; -- generally in the passive; as, the defendant is concluded by his own plea; a judgment concludes the introduction of further evidence argument.
  8. To come to a termination; to make an end; to close; to end; to terminate.
  9. To form a final judgment; to reach a decision.

Conclude Quotations

The seminal elements of what makes a story great - challenge, struggle, resolution - are the same whether we're talking about story content for a movie such as 'Rain Man,' or telling a purposeful story to forge new business relationships or conclude a fruitful transaction, such as acquiring an NBA franchise.
Peter Guber

We conclude that in the field of public education the doctrine of 'separate but equal' has no place.
Earl Warren

When I think of Mick Jagger still singing that he can't get any satisfaction in over forty years of being in the Rolling Stones, I have to conclude that he's either lying or not all that bright.
Henry Rollins

I conclude, therefore, that this star is not some kind of comet or a fiery meteor... but that it is a star shining in the firmament itself one that has never previously been seen before our time, in any age since the beginning of the world.
Tycho Brahe

It has long been known for sure that the sight of tasty food makes a hungry man's mouth water; also lack of appetite has always been regarded as an undesirable phenomenon, from which one might conclude that appetite is essentially linked with the process of digestion.
Ivan Pavlov
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Conclude Translations

conclude in Dutch is afdoen, afhandelen, afwikkelen
conclude in French is concluons, concluez, concluent
conclude in Italian is finire
conclude in Latin is coniecto, infero
conclude in Portuguese is concla
conclude in Swedish is avsluta
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