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Definition of Computing


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Computing Quotations

Mobile communications and pervasive computing technologies, together with social contracts that were never possible before, are already beginning to change the way people meet, mate, work, war, buy, sell, govern and create.
Howard Rheingold

I have to admit it: I'm not a huge fan of the cloud computing concept.
Jamais Cascio

The world got enamored with smartphones and tablets, but what's interesting is those devices don't do everything that needs to be done. Three-D printing, virtual-reality computing, robotics are all controlled by PCs.
Michael Dell

The interesting thing about cloud computing is that we've redefined cloud computing to include everything that we already do.
Richard Stallman

Cloud computing means you are doing your computing on somebody else's computer. Looking ahead a little, I firmly believe cloud - previously called grid computing - will become very widespread. It's much cheaper than buying your own computing infrastructure, or maybe you don't have the power to do what you want on your own computer.
Whitfield Diffie
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Computing Translations

computing in German is rechnend
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