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Definition of Compete


  1. To contend emulously; to seek or strive for the same thing, position, or reward for which another is striving; to contend in rivalry, as for a prize or in business; as, tradesmen compete with one another.

Compete Quotations

When you are content to be simply yourself and don't compare or compete, everybody will respect you.
Lao Tzu

Champions are not the ones who always win races - champions are the ones who get out there and try. And try harder the next time. And even harder the next time. 'Champion' is a state of mind. They are devoted. They compete to best themselves as much if not more than they compete to best others. Champions are not just athletes.
Simon Sinek

A successful economic development strategy must focus on improving the skills of the area's workforce, reducing the cost of doing business and making available the resources business needs to compete and thrive in today's global economy.
Rod Blagojevich

It is virtually impossible to compete in today's global economy without a college degree.
Bobby Scott

It's important that athletes can compete on a level playing field. And youngsters coming into the sport can know that if they are working hard and training hard, they'll see a true reflection of where they stand and what they can achieve worldwide and not be swayed by people who are cheating.
Paula Radcliffe
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Compete Translations

compete in Danish is konkurrere
compete in Dutch is meedingen, wedijveren, concurreren
compete in Finnish is kilpailla
compete in French is concourir, concourez, concourent, concourons
compete in German is konkurieren
compete in Italian is concorrere
compete in Norwegian is konkurrere
compete in Portuguese is compita
compete in Spanish is competir
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