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Definition of Comparing


  1. of Compare

Comparing Quotations

Instead of comparing our lot with that of those who are more fortunate than we are, we should compare it with the lot of the great majority of our fellow men. It then appears that we are among the privileged.
Helen Keller

The problem, when comparing contemporary television to television in 1974, is that TV has become not just bad but sad.
P. J. O'Rourke

I'm at peace with myself and where I am. In the past, I was always looking to see how everybody else was doing. I wasn't competitive, I was comparative. I just wanted to be where everybody else was. Now I've gotten to an age when I am not comparing anymore.
Courteney Cox

I've found that men I've dated who are in the same business can be really competitive. I've found a great group of girlfriends in the same business who aren't competitive, but a few times guys have started comparing careers and it has been... challenging.
Taylor Swift

I had no desire to be a stand-up comic until I decided to do it. Then I started talking to comedians and comparing notes.
Rita Rudner
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Comparing Translations

comparing in French is comparant
comparing in German is vergleichend, Vergleich

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