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Definition of Come


  1. of Come
  2. To move hitherward; to draw near; to approach the speaker, or some place or person indicated; -- opposed to go.
  3. To complete a movement toward a place; to arrive.
  4. To approach or arrive, as if by a journey or from a distance.
  5. To approach or arrive, as the result of a cause, or of the act of another.
  6. To arrive in sight; to be manifest; to appear.
  7. To get to be, as the result of change or progress; -- with a predicate; as, to come untied.
  8. To carry through; to succeed in; as, you can't come any tricks here.
  9. Coming.
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Come Translations

come in Afrikaans is kom
come in Danish is komme
come in Dutch is het gevolg zijn van, afstammen
come in Finnish is tulla
come in French is venu, venez, viens, provenir, venons, venir
come in German is komm, eingekehrt, kommen, kommen
come in Italian is venni
come in Norwegian is komme
come in Portuguese is vindo
come in Spanish is venir
come in Swedish is komma