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Definition of Colonialism


  1. The state or quality of, or the relationship involved in, being colonial.
  2. A custom, idea, feature of government, or the like, characteristic of a colony.
  3. The colonial system or policy in political government or extension of territory.

Colonialism Quotations

The liberal psyche wants to protect minorities, to apologize for imperialism, colonialism, slavery, and the appalling treatment of black people during the civil rights movement. At the same time, they want to continue to defend the rights of individuals.
Ayaan Hirsi Ali

I would say colonialism is a wonderful thing. It spread civilization to Africa. Before it they had no written language, no wheel as we know it, no schools, no hospitals, not even normal clothing.
Ian Smith

Colonialism bred an innate arrogance, but when you undertake that sort of imperial adventure, that arrogance gives way to a feeling of accommodativeness. You take pride in your openness.
Wole Soyinka

A country that relies on aid? Death is better than that. It stops you from achieving your potential, just as colonialism did.
Imran Khan

At the heart of globalisation is a new kind of intolerance in the West towards other cultures, traditions and values, less brutal than in the era of colonialism, but more comprehensive and totalitarian.
Martin Jacques
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Colonialism Translations

colonialism in German is Kolonialismus
colonialism in Spanish is colonialismo
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