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Definition of Coherent


  1. Sticking together; cleaving; as the parts of bodies; solid or fluid.
  2. Composed of mutually dependent parts; making a logical whole; consistent; as, a coherent plan, argument, or discourse.
  3. Logically consistent; -- applied to persons; as, a coherent thinker.
  4. Suitable or suited; adapted; accordant.

Coherent Quotations

It's a weird city because the uglier the weather, the more beautiful the city. And the uglier the buildings, the more coherent the city.
Rem Koolhaas

Civilization is a progress from an indefinite, incoherent homogeneity toward a definite, coherent heterogeneity.
Herbert Spencer

Sometimes my songs wander off a bit and are not always coherent.

I am totally convinced the Christian faith is the most coherent worldview around.
Ravi Zacharias

I would love to give you a more in-depth coherent explanation of my view of the soul, and if I had one I would. The soul and my concept of it are as ephemeral as anybody's, and possibly more so.
Joss Whedon
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Coherent Translations

coherent in Spanish is coherente