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Definition of Cog


  1. To seduce, or draw away, by adulation, artifice, or falsehood; to wheedle; to cozen; to cheat.
  2. To obtrude or thrust in, by falsehood or deception; as, to cog in a word; to palm off.
  3. To deceive; to cheat; to play false; to lie; to wheedle; to cajole.
  4. A trick or deception; a falsehood.
  5. A tooth, cam, or catch for imparting or receiving motion, as on a gear wheel, or a lifter or wiper on a shaft; originally, a separate piece of wood set in a mortise in the face of a wheel.
  6. A kind of tenon on the end of a joist, received into a notch in a bearing timber, and resting flush with its upper surface.
  7. A tenon in a scarf joint; a coak.
  8. One of the rough pillars of stone or coal left to support the roof of a mine.
  9. To furnish with a cog or cogs.
  10. A small fishing boat.
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Cog Translations

cog in German is Radzahn
cog in Spanish is diente de engranaje
cog in Swedish is kugge