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Definition of Cock


  1. The male of birds, particularly of gallinaceous or domestic fowls.
  2. A vane in the shape of a cock; a weathercock.
  3. A chief man; a leader or master.
  4. The crow of a cock, esp. the first crow in the morning; cockcrow.
  5. A faucet or valve.
  6. The style of gnomon of a dial.
  7. The indicator of a balance.
  8. The bridge piece which affords a bearing for the pivot of a balance in a clock or watch.
  9. To set erect; to turn up.
  10. To shape, as a hat, by turning up the brim.
  11. To set on one side in a pert or jaunty manner.
  12. To turn (the eye) obliquely and partially close its lid, as an expression of derision or insinuation.
  13. To strut; to swagger; to look big, pert, or menacing.
  14. The act of cocking; also, the turn so given; as, a cock of the eyes; to give a hat a saucy cock.
  15. The notch of an arrow or crossbow.
  16. The hammer in the lock of a firearm.
  17. To draw the hammer of (a firearm) fully back and set it for firing.
  18. To draw back the hammer of a firearm, and set it for firing.
  19. A small concial pile of hay.
  20. To put into cocks or heaps, as hay.
  21. A small boat.
  22. A corruption or disguise of the word God, used in oaths.

Cock Translations

cock in Afrikaans is haan
cock in Danish is hane
cock in Dutch is snikkel, leuter, jongeheer, lul, pik
cock in French is coq
cock in German is Hahn
cock in Italian is rubinetto
cock in Latin is gallo
cock in Norwegian is hane
cock in Portuguese is torneira, galo
cock in Spanish is gallo
cock in Swedish is kran, tupp, kuk