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Definition of Clog


  1. That which hinders or impedes motion; hence, an encumbrance, restraint, or impediment, of any kind.
  2. A weight, as a log or block of wood, attached to a man or an animal to hinder motion.
  3. A shoe, or sandal, intended to protect the feet from wet, or to increase the apparent stature, and having, therefore, a very thick sole. Cf. Chopine.
  4. To encumber or load, especially with something that impedes motion; to hamper.
  5. To obstruct so as to hinder motion in or through; to choke up; as, to clog a tube or a channel.
  6. To burden; to trammel; to embarrass; to perplex.
  7. To become clogged; to become loaded or encumbered, as with extraneous matter.
  8. To coalesce or adhere; to unite in a mass.

Clog Quotations

I hate the whole concept of the clog! It's fake, it's ugly, and it's not even comfortable!
Christian Louboutin

Cholesterol does not exist in vegetables. Vegetables do not clog arteries.
Jane Velez-Mitchell

Although the Internet makes it seem as if you have a direct connection to the securities market, you don't. Lines may clog; systems may break; orders may back-up.
Arthur Levitt

Every rustic who delivers in the village alehouse his slow, infrequent sentences, may help to kill or keep alive the fatal superstitions which clog his race.
William Kingdon Clifford

This week I was proud to join with my colleagues to help pass two important, common-sense pieces of legislation that will limit the frivolous lawsuits by trial attorneys and personal injury lawyers that clog our courts and hurt our small businesses.
Bob Ney
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Clog Translations

clog in Dutch is stoppen, dichten, dichtmaken
clog in French is inhiber
clog in German is Pantoffel, hemmen
clog in Norwegian is tresko
clog in Spanish is traba, empatar

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