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Definition of Clasp


  1. To shut or fasten together with, or as with, a clasp; to shut or fasten (a clasp, or that which fastens with a clasp).
  2. To inclose and hold in the hand or with the arms; to grasp; to embrace.
  3. To surround and cling to; to entwine about.
  4. An adjustable catch, bent plate, or hook, for holding together two objects or the parts of anything, as the ends of a belt, the covers of a book, etc.
  5. A close embrace; a throwing of the arms around; a grasping, as with the hand.

Clasp Translations

clasp in Dutch is vasthaken
clasp in German is umklammere, umklammern, klammern
clasp in Norwegian is hekte, omfavne
clasp in Spanish is broche