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Definition of Cheer


  1. The face; the countenance or its expression.
  2. Feeling; spirit; state of mind or heart.
  3. Gayety; mirth; cheerfulness; animation.
  4. That which promotes good spirits or cheerfulness; provisions prepared for a feast; entertainment; as, a table loaded with good cheer.
  5. A shout, hurrah, or acclamation, expressing joy enthusiasm, applause, favor, etc.
  6. To cause to rejoice; to gladden; to make cheerful; -- often with up.
  7. To infuse life, courage, animation, or hope, into; to inspirit; to solace or comfort.
  8. To salute or applaud with cheers; to urge on by cheers; as, to cheer hounds in a chase.
  9. To grow cheerful; to become gladsome or joyous; -- usually with up.
  10. To be in any state or temper of mind.
  11. To utter a shout or shouts of applause, triumph, etc.
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Cheer Translations

cheer in Dutch is hoera roepen
cheer in French is jubiler
cheer in German is Hochruf, jubeln
cheer in Italian is esultare
cheer in Swedish is hurra