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Definition of Chat


  1. To talk in a light and familiar manner; to converse without form or ceremony; to gossip.
  2. To talk of.
  3. Light, familiar talk; conversation; gossip.
  4. A bird of the genus Icteria, allied to the warblers, in America. The best known species are the yellow-breasted chat (I. viridis), and the long-tailed chat (I. longicauda). In Europe the name is given to several birds of the family Saxicolidae, as the stonechat, and whinchat.
  5. A twig, cone, or little branch. See Chit.
  6. Small stones with ore.
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Chat Translations

chat in Danish is snakke
chat in Dutch is praten, keuvelen, babbelen
chat in French is causerie, bavarder
chat in Italian is farneticare, chiacchierare
chat in Portuguese is bate-papo
chat in Spanish is charlar, trapalear, platicar