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Definition of Chaps


  1. The jaws, or the fleshy parts about them. See Chap.
  2. Short for Chaparajos.

Chaps Quotations

The Giraffe took the horse's head and led him along on the most level parts of the road towards the railway station, and two or three chaps went along to help get the sick man into the train.
Henry Lawson

I can't understand these chaps who go round American universities explaining how they write poems: It's like going round explaining how you sleep with your wife.
Philip Larkin

I didn't think Marilyn Monroe was beautiful. It used to worry me. I thought maybe I'm not put together like the other chaps.
Christopher Hitchens

Geography is about maps, but biography is about chaps.
Eric Bentley

I have always aspired towards other people's looks. When I was young, I loved teddy boys; I thought they looked wonderful. Then I was a cowboy in Arizona, really for the clothes! I had a ranch for five years; I had chaps made of bearskin.
Nicholas Haslam
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Chaps Translations

chaps in German is Burschen
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