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Definition of Certitude


  1. Freedom from doubt; assurance; certainty.
Certitude belongs exclusively to those who only own one encyclopedia.
Robert Anton Wilson

Certitude is not the test of certainty. We have been cocksure of many things that were not so.
Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.

An unexamined faith is not worth having, for fundamentalism and uncritical certitude entail the rejection of one of the great human gifts: that of free will, of the liberty to make up our own minds based on evidence and tradition and reason.
Jon Meacham

Love is an indescribable sensation - perhaps a conviction, a sense of certitude.
Joyce Carol Oates

The basic fault lines today are not between people with different beliefs but between people who hold these beliefs with an element of uncertainty and people who hold these beliefs with a pretense of certitude.
Peter L. Berger

Certitude Translations

certitude in French is assurance
certitude in Italian is certezza
certitude in Spanish is certidumbre

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