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Definition of Certificate


  1. A written testimony to the truth of any fact; as, certificate of good behavior.
  2. A written declaration legally authenticated.
  3. To verify or vouch for by certificate.
  4. To furnish with a certificate; as, to certificate the captain of a vessel; a certificated teacher.
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Certificate Translations

certificate in Afrikaans is sertifikaat
certificate in Danish is attest
certificate in Dutch is bedrijf, stuk, dokument, acte, akte
certificate in German is Attest {n}, Bescheinigung
certificate in Italian is attestazione, attestato, testimonianza, atto
certificate in Norwegian is sertifikat, attest
certificate in Portuguese is certificado
certificate in Spanish is certificar, atestado
certificate in Swedish is intyg, intyg, certifikat, betyg, betyg