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Definition of Ceremony


  1. Ar act or series of acts, often of a symbolical character, prescribed by law, custom, or authority, in the conduct of important matters, as in the performance of religious duties, the transaction of affairs of state, and the celebration of notable events; as, the ceremony of crowning a sovereign; the ceremonies observed in consecrating a church; marriage and baptismal ceremonies.
  2. Behavior regulated by strict etiquette; a formal method of performing acts of civility; forms of civility prescribed by custom or authority.
  3. A ceremonial symbols; an emblem, as a crown, scepter, garland, etc.
  4. A sign or prodigy; a portent.
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Ceremony Translations

ceremony in Dutch is ceremonie, plechtigheid
ceremony in German is Feier, Zeremonie, Feierlichkeit
ceremony in Latin is ritus
ceremony in Spanish is ceremonia, celebracion