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Definition of Celtic


  1. Of or pertaining to the Celts; as, Celtic people, tribes, literature, tongue.
  2. The language of the Celts.

Celtic Quotations

You can hear the Celtic heartbeat all over Europe and America, from Bing Crosby to Jack White, from the Smiths to My Bloody Valentine, from House of Pain to Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch.
Rob Sheffield

I would definitely return to Austria. They were all good experiences for me, but definitely Austria because there were some ancient Celtic, sacred sites that were in the forest that were quite beautiful.
Nicolas Cage

There's some places where, I don't know if they're fiddle fans, or Natalie fans or if they just love Celtic music, but there's some places where there's just awesome crowds.
Natalie MacMaster

I am passionate about football. My support for Celtic FC has got me through some hard times in my life. I still play regularly, too.
Rod Stewart

I love the sun, but we don't get on at all; it doesn't agree with my Celtic tones. I also like nothing better than putting on a big ski jacket and feeling the wind in my face.
Erin O'Connor
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Celtic Translations

celtic in Afrikaans is Kelties
celtic in Dutch is Keltisch
celtic in French is celtique
celtic in German is keltisch
celtic in Swedish is keltisk

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