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Definition of Caress


  1. An act of endearment; any act or expression of affection; an embracing, or touching, with tenderness.
  2. To treat with tokens of fondness, affection, or kindness; to touch or speak to in a loving or endearing manner; to fondle.

Caress Quotations

Caress the detail, the divine detail.
Vladimir Nabokov

Just as a mother finds pleasure in taking her little child on her lap, there to feed and caress him, in like manner our loving God shows His fondness for His beloved souls who have given themselves entirely to Him and have placed all their hope in His goodness.
Alphonsus Liguori

I owe much to my friends; but, all things considered, it strikes me that I owe even more to my enemies. The real person springs life under a sting even better than under a caress.
Andre Gide

Old hands soil, it seems, whatever they caress, but they too have their beauty when they are joined in prayer. Young hands were made for caresses and the sheathing of love. It is a pity to make them join too soon.
Andre Gide

In dreams the truth is learned that all good works are done in the absence of a caress.
Leonard Cohen
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Caress Translations

caress in Danish is stryge
caress in Dutch is aanhalen, liefkozen, strelen, aaien
caress in French is caresser, caressent, caressez, caressons, caresse
caress in German is liebkosen, liebkose, liebkosen
caress in Italian is carezza, accarezzare, accarezzare
caress in Latin is blandior, foveo
caress in Spanish is caricia, popar, acarciar, acariciar
caress in Swedish is smekning, smeka
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