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Definition of Carelessly


  1. In a careless manner.

Carelessly Quotations

A woman is a branchy tree and man a singing wind; and from her branches carelessly he takes what he can find.
James Stephens

Builders eventually took advantage of the look of modernism to build cheaply and carelessly.
Arthur Erickson

Life runs to death as its goal, and we should go towards that next stage of experience either carelessly as to what must be, or with a good, honest curiosity as to what may be.
James Stephens

We run carelessly to the precipice, after we have put something before us to prevent us seeing it.
Blaise Pascal

A common pickpocket trick is for the operator to carry a shawl or overcoat carelessly over the left arm, and to take a seat on the right side of the person they intend to rob in a streetcar or other vehicle.
Harry Houdini
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Carelessly Translations

carelessly in Hungarian is gondatlanul
carelessly in Latin is incuriose
carelessly in Spanish is descuidadamente
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