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Definition of Card


  1. A piece of pasteboard, or thick paper, blank or prepared for various uses; as, a playing card; a visiting card; a card of invitation; pl. a game played with cards.
  2. A published note, containing a brief statement, explanation, request, expression of thanks, or the like; as, to put a card in the newspapers. Also, a printed programme, and (fig.), an attraction or inducement; as, this will be a good card for the last day of the fair.
  3. A paper on which the points of the compass are marked; the dial or face of the mariner's compass.
  4. A perforated pasteboard or sheet-metal plate for warp threads, making part of the Jacquard apparatus of a loom. See Jacquard.
  5. An indicator card. See under Indicator.
  6. To play at cards; to game.
  7. An instrument for disentangling and arranging the fibers of cotton, wool, flax, etc.; or for cleaning and smoothing the hair of animals; -- usually consisting of bent wire teeth set closely in rows in a thick piece of leather fastened to a back.
  8. A roll or sliver of fiber (as of wool) delivered from a carding machine.
  9. To comb with a card; to cleanse or disentangle by carding; as, to card wool; to card a horse.
  10. To clean or clear, as if by using a card.
  11. To mix or mingle, as with an inferior or weaker article.
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Card Translations

card in Dutch is kaart
card in Finnish is kortti
card in German is Karte
card in Italian is carta di giuoco
card in Latin is pecto
card in Norwegian is kart
card in Spanish is tarjeta
card in Swedish is kort, spelkort