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Definition of Camp


  1. The ground or spot on which tents, huts, etc., are erected for shelter, as for an army or for lumbermen, etc.
  2. A collection of tents, huts, etc., for shelter, commonly arranged in an orderly manner.
  3. A single hut or shelter; as, a hunter's camp.
  4. The company or body of persons encamped, as of soldiers, of surveyors, of lumbermen, etc.
  5. A mound of earth in which potatoes and other vegetables are stored for protection against frost; -- called also burrow and pie.
  6. An ancient game of football, played in some parts of England.
  7. To afford rest or lodging for, as an army or travelers.
  8. To pitch or prepare a camp; to encamp; to lodge in a camp; -- often with out.
  9. To play the game called camp.

Camp Quotations

I hate newspapermen. They come into camp and pick up their camp rumors and print them as facts. I regard them as spies, which, in truth, they are.
William Tecumseh Sherman

Saturday Night Live is such a comedy boot camp in a way, because you get to work with so many different people who come in to host the show and you get thrown into so many situations and learn how to think on your feet, so filmmaking actually feels slow, in a good way.
Will Ferrell

There are people who are really good managers, people who can manage a big organization, and then there are people who are very analytic or focused on strategy. Those two types don't usually tend to be in the same person. I would put myself much more in the latter camp.
Mark Zuckerberg

When I was a kid, I was a bit of a space geek. I loved the space program and all things NASA. I would read books about our solar system; I had pictures of the Space Shuttle on my bedroom wall. And yes, I even went to Space Camp.
Simon Sinek

After a training camp workout, my body is eager to replace nutrients and energy that are lost during the workout. It's best to have a quick bite about 30 minutes after practice. I like to have yogurt and granola, the combination of carbs and protein helps me recover after a long and tiring workout.
Troy Polamalu
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Camp Translations

camp in Afrikaans is kampeer
camp in Dutch is legeren, kamperen
camp in French is campez, camper, campent, campons
camp in German is Lager
camp in Italian is campeggiare
camp in Portuguese is acampamento
camp in Spanish is acampar
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