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Definition of Calumny


  1. False accusation of a crime or offense, maliciously made or reported, to the injury of another; malicious misrepresentation; slander; detraction.

Calumny Quotations

Calumny is only the noise of madmen.

I have much to say why my reputation should be rescued from the load of false accusation and calumny which has been heaped upon it.
Robert Emmet

There is something mean in human nature that prefers to think evil, that gives a willing ear and a ready welcome to calumny, a sort of jealousy of goodness and greatness and things of good report.
Richard Le Gallienne

A man calumniated is doubly injured - first by him who utters the calumny, and then by him who believes it.

It is harder to kill a whisper than even a shouted calumny.
Mary Stewart
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Calumny Translations

calumny in German is falsche Anschuldigung
calumny in Latin is criminatio, ciminatio
calumny in Spanish is calumnia
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