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Definition of Calmed


  1. of Calm

Calmed Quotations

I have calmed down my look. Is it really necessary to wear all that jewelry and makeup at 7 A.M.? When you're tired, you start to over-compensate by wearing too much bling.
Jessie J

I've calmed down already. I don't hook up anymore.
Nicole Polizzi

I've calmed down, certainly, from the days of being 18, but I'm still having a good time.
Christian Slater

When I hit my thirties, that's when I calmed down and I wasn't so tough on myself. I wasn't doing the yo-yo dieting any more. I gave myself a break. I think that, if you're more accepting of yourself, you're more free and open and can just allow more people in.
Nicole Scherzinger

What calmed me down finally was when my girlfriend got pregnant.
Johnny Knoxville
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Calmed Translations

calmed in German is beruhigte
calmed in Swedish is lugnade

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