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Definition of Bye


  1. A thing not directly aimed at; something which is a secondary object of regard; an object by the way, etc.; as in on or upon the bye, i. e., in passing; indirectly; by implication.
  2. A run made upon a missed ball; as, to steal a bye.
  3. A dwelling.
  4. In certain games, a station or place of an individual player.
  5. In various sports in which the contestants are drawn in pairs, the position or turn of one left with no opponent in consequence of an odd number being engaged; as, to draw a bye in a round of a tennis tournament.
  6. The hole or holes of a stipulated course remaining unplayed at the end of a match.

Bye Quotations

The hardest thing is at the end you have to say bye to all these people who you have worked with for so many months. It was really sad not to see them anymore. But you have the parties that you go to and you get to see them, like the premieres and the screenings.
Dakota Fanning

The worst way of flying, I think, is standby. It never works. That's why they call it standby. You end up standing there going, 'Bye!'
Jerry Seinfeld

I'm always shy when I meet people I admire so I wouldn't be able to say anything rather than, 'How do you do? Love you! Bye!'
Jacki Weaver

In 1957, 'West Side Story' had introduced the musical to the reckless dark side of teen-age life; 'Bye Bye Birdie,' set in Sweet Apple, Ohio, where the citizens apparently dress mostly in chartreuse, mauve, orange, periwinkle, and turquoise, was a walk on the bright side.
John Lahr

I wanted to have a go at a pop career. My first single, 'Baby I Don't Care', was a hit, and the second, 'Bye Bye Boy', reached the Top 20.
Jennifer Ellison
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Bye Translations

bye in Afrikaans is tot siens
bye in Danish is farvel
bye in Dutch is adieu, vaarwel
bye in German is Wiedersehen
bye in Italian is rivedersi, arrivederci, addio
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