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Definition of Button


  1. A knob; a small ball; a small, roundish mass.
  2. A catch, of various forms and materials, used to fasten together the different parts of dress, by being attached to one part, and passing through a slit, called a buttonhole, in the other; -- used also for ornament.
  3. A bud; a germ of a plant.
  4. A piece of wood or metal, usually flat and elongated, turning on a nail or screw, to fasten something, as a door.
  5. A globule of metal remaining on an assay cupel or in a crucible, after fusion.
  6. To fasten with a button or buttons; to inclose or make secure with buttons; -- often followed by up.
  7. To dress or clothe.
  8. To be fastened by a button or buttons; as, the coat will not button.
  9. Alt. of evil
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Button Translations

button in Danish is knap
button in Dutch is dichtknopen
button in Finnish is nappi
button in German is Knopf, Knopf, Taste
button in Hungarian is gomb
button in Italian is bottone, tasto
button in Norwegian is knapp
button in Portuguese is tecla