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Definition of Butter


  1. An oily, unctuous substance obtained from cream or milk by churning.
  2. Any substance resembling butter in degree of consistence, or other qualities, especially, in old chemistry, the chlorides, as butter of antimony, sesquichloride of antimony; also, certain concrete fat oils remaining nearly solid at ordinary temperatures, as butter of cacao, vegetable butter, shea butter.
  3. To cover or spread with butter.
  4. To increase, as stakes, at every throw or every game.
  5. One who, or that which, butts.

Butter Quotations

Man cannot live by bread alone; he must have peanut butter.
James A. Garfield

I love KIND bars. My favorites are coconut and almond and the dark chocolate and sea salt because staying fueled helps keep me from getting sick or injured. Bananas have also made a great comeback in my life. My kids eat them all the time on the go, which has inspired my go-to pre-run morning meal of peanut butter and banana on toast.
Summer Sanders

Rice cakes and peanut butter is my favorite snack in the whole wide world.
Maggie Lawson

If you don't mind smelling like peanut butter for two or three days, peanut butter is darn good shaving cream.
Barry Goldwater

Peanut Butter Wolf is my relaxing music, my lunch music, my chilling music.
Norman Reedus
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Butter Translations

butter in Afrikaans is botter
butter in Dutch is boter
butter in Finnish is voi
butter in French is beurre
butter in German is Butter, Butter, mit Butter bestreichen
butter in Italian is burro
butter in Portuguese is manteiga
butter in Spanish is manteca, mantequilla
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