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Definition of Bunker


  1. A sort of chest or box, as in a window, the lid of which serves for a seat.
  2. A large bin or similar receptacle; as, a coal bunker.
  3. A small sand hole or pit, as on a golf course.
  4. Hence, any rough hazardous ground on the links; also, an artificial hazard with built-up faces.
  5. To drive (the ball) into a bunker.

Bunker Quotations

My dear, did you ever stop to think what a wonderful bunker you would make?
Walter Hagen

You can't hold me to the same standard as the president or a school teacher. I'm just a comedian. My job is like Archie Bunker.
Tracy Morgan

Every shot feels like the first shot of the day. If I'm on the range hitting shot after shot, I can hit them just as good as I did when I was 30. But out on the course, your body changes between shots. You get out of the cart, and you've got this 170-yard 5-iron over a bunker, and it goes about 138.
Lee Trevino

What am I responsible for? Who am I responsible to? Everybody? How come when Archie Bunker nailed everybody, it was funny - but when I do it, it's not?
Sam Kinison

The Internet has made some phenomenal breakthroughs that are still only poorly understood in terms of changing people's ideas of us and them. If mass media, social isolation in the suburbs, alienating workplaces and long car commutes create a bunker mentality, the Internet does the opposite.
Alex Steffen
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Bunker Translations

bunker in Dutch is bunker, kazemat
bunker in French is blockhaus
bunker in German is Bunker
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