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Definition of Bungle


  1. To act or work in a clumsy, awkward manner.
  2. To make or mend clumsily; to manage awkwardly; to botch; -- sometimes with up.
  3. A clumsy or awkward performance; a botch; a gross blunder.

Bungle Quotations

If you bungle raising your children, I don't think whatever else you do matters very much.
Jackie Kennedy

The bungle tour is a bit up in the air due to the fact this at we are getting screwed by our overseas label.
Trevor Dunn

My name is Bruce Feiler, and I'm an explainaholic. I first heard this word used to describe Isaac Asimov, and I knew instantly that I suffered from the same condition. It's the incurable desire to tell, shape, share, occasionally exaggerate, often elongate, and inevitably bungle a good story.
Bruce Feiler

Bungle is definitely a priority right now.
Trevor Dunn
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Bungle Translations

bungle in Dutch is afraffelen
bungle in Finnish is hutiloida
bungle in German is vermassele, vermasseln, verpfuschen
bungle in Portuguese is estrague
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