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Definition of Bundle


  1. A number of things bound together, as by a cord or envelope, into a mass or package convenient for handling or conveyance; a loose package; a roll; as, a bundle of straw or of paper; a bundle of old clothes.
  2. To tie or bind in a bundle or roll.
  3. To send off abruptly or without ceremony.
  4. To prepare for departure; to set off in a hurry or without ceremony.
  5. To sleep on the same bed without undressing; -- applied to the custom of a man and woman, especially lovers, thus sleeping.
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Bundle Translations

bundle in Afrikaans is bondel
bundle in Dutch is bundel, wis, bos
bundle in Latin is sarcina
bundle in Portuguese is pacote
bundle in Spanish is bulto
bundle in Swedish is knyte, packe, bunta ihop, bunt, knippa