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Definition of Bug


  1. A bugbear; anything which terrifies.
  2. A general name applied to various insects belonging to the Hemiptera; as, the squash bug; the chinch bug, etc.
  3. An insect of the genus Cimex, especially the bedbug (C. lectularius). See Bedbug.
  4. One of various species of Coleoptera; as, the ladybug; potato bug, etc.; loosely, any beetle.
  5. One of certain kinds of Crustacea; as, the sow bug; pill bug; bait bug; salve bug, etc.

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Bug Translations

bug in Dutch is Boeg
bug in Dutch is wandluis
bug in French is punaise, insecte
bug in German is laus/Fehler
bug in Norwegian is insekt
bug in Portuguese is insecto, erro, inseto
bug in Spanish is bicho, insecto, gazapo
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