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Definition of Buffer


  1. An elastic apparatus or fender, for deadening the jar caused by the collision of bodies; as, a buffer at the end of a railroad car.
  2. A pad or cushion forming the end of a fender, which receives the blow; -- sometimes called buffing apparatus.
  3. One who polishes with a buff.
  4. A wheel for buffing; a buff.
  5. A good-humored, slow-witted fellow; -- usually said of an elderly man.
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Buffer Translations

buffer in Afrikaans is buffer
buffer in Danish is kofanger
buffer in Dutch is buffer, bumper, stootkussen
buffer in French is tampon, buffer, pare-choc
buffer in German is Zwischenspeicher, Puffer, Puffer
buffer in Portuguese is amortecedor
buffer in Spanish is pulidor, parachoques
buffer in Swedish is buffert