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Definition of Brute


  1. Not having sensation; senseless; inanimate; unconscious; without intelligence or volition; as, the brute earth; the brute powers of nature.
  2. Not possessing reason, irrational; unthinking; as, a brute beast; the brute creation.
  3. Of, pertaining to, or characteristic of, a brute beast. Hence: Brutal; cruel; fierce; ferocious; savage; pitiless; as, brute violence.
  4. Having the physical powers predominating over the mental; coarse; unpolished; unintelligent.
  5. Rough; uncivilized; unfeeling.
  6. An animal destitute of human reason; any animal not human; esp. a quadruped; a beast.
  7. A brutal person; a savage in heart or manners; as unfeeling or coarse person.
  8. To report; to bruit.
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Brute Translations

brute in Dutch is ruw, dierlijk, beestachtig, bruut
brute in German is Tier, brutaler Kerl, Vieh, Tier
brute in Hungarian is barom, kegyetlen ember, baromi, baromi ember
brute in Portuguese is bruto
brute in Spanish is bruto