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Definition of Brutally


  1. In a brutal manner; cruelly.

Brutally Quotations

Be honest, brutally honest. That is what's going to maintain relationships.
Lauryn Hill

The Klan had used fear, intimidation and murder to brutally oppress over African-Americans who sought justice and equality and it sought to respond to the young workers of the civil rights movement in Mississippi in the same way.
Charles B. Rangel

If everyone in the music business were brutally honest about what their intentions were then you could sort things out, but it's all smoke and mirrors.
Noel Gallagher

Entrepreneurs may be brutally honest, but fostering relationships with partners and building enduring communities requires empathy, self-sacrifice and a willingness to help others without expecting anything in return.
Ben Parr

I'm very honest - brutally honest. I always look at things from their point of view as well as mine. And I know when to walk away.
Indra Nooyi
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Brutally Translations

brutally in German is brutal, brutale
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