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Definition of Browse


  1. The tender branches or twigs of trees and shrubs, fit for the food of cattle and other animals; green food.
  2. To eat or nibble off, as the tender branches of trees, shrubs, etc.; -- said of cattle, sheep, deer, and some other animals.
  3. To feed on, as pasture; to pasture on; to graze.
  4. To feed on the tender branches or shoots of shrubs or trees, as do cattle, sheep, and deer.
  5. To pasture; to feed; to nibble.

Browse Quotations

You affect the world by what you browse.
Tim Berners-Lee

I don't know whether machine translation will eventually get good enough to allow us to browse people's websites in different languages so you can see how they live in different countries.
Tim Berners-Lee

What is a Web year now, about three months? And when people can browse around, discover new things, and download them fast, when we all have agents - then Web years could slip by before human beings can notice.
Tim Berners-Lee

I like to browse and just hang in bookstores.
Pharrell Williams

Well, everybody faces the fact there really aren't many records stores around to just go and browse. Maybe browse online, yet that tactile feel of flipping through a stack of vinyl remains one of life's simple pleasures.
Billy Gibbons
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Browse Translations

browse in Dutch is afgrazen
browse in French is broutons, broutez, broutent
browse in Latin is lift tondeo totonsi tonsum, pasco
browse in Spanish is ramonear, hojear

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