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Definition of Brown


  1. Of a dark color, of various shades between black and red or yellow.
  2. A dark color inclining to red or yellow, resulting from the mixture of red and black, or of red, black, and yellow; a tawny, dusky hue.
  3. To make brown or dusky.
  4. To make brown by scorching slightly; as, to brown meat or flour.
  5. To give a bright brown color to, as to gun barrels, by forming a thin coat of oxide on their surface.
  6. To become brown.
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Brown Translations

brown in Afrikaans is bruin
brown in Danish is brun
brown in Dutch is bruin
brown in Finnish is ruskea
brown in Hungarian is barna
brown in Italian is marrone
brown in Norwegian is brun
brown in Portuguese is marrom
brown in Swedish is brun, brun, bryna