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Definition of Broom


  1. A plant having twigs suitable for making brooms to sweep with when bound together; esp., the Cytisus scoparius of Western Europe, which is a low shrub with long, straight, green, angular branches, minute leaves, and large yellow flowers.
  2. An implement for sweeping floors, etc., commonly made of the panicles or tops of broom corn, bound together or attached to a long wooden handle; -- so called because originally made of the twigs of the broom.
  3. See Bream.
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Broom Translations

broom in Danish is kost, fegekost
broom in Dutch is veger, bezem
broom in French is balai
broom in German is Besen, Auskehrer, Besen
broom in Italian is scopa
broom in Latin is virga
broom in Norwegian is sopelime, kost
broom in Portuguese is vassoura
broom in Spanish is escoba
broom in Swedish is kvast, ginst