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Definition of Broad


  1. Wide; extend in breadth, or from side to side; -- opposed to narrow; as, a broad street, a broad table; an inch broad.
  2. Extending far and wide; extensive; vast; as, the broad expanse of ocean.
  3. Extended, in the sense of diffused; open; clear; full.
  4. Fig.: Having a large measure of any thing or quality; not limited; not restrained; -- applied to any subject, and retaining the literal idea more or less clearly, the precise meaning depending largely on the substantive.
  5. Comprehensive; liberal; enlarged.
  6. Plain; evident; as, a broad hint.
  7. Free; unrestrained; unconfined.
  8. Characterized by breadth. See Breadth.
  9. Cross; coarse; indelicate; as, a broad compliment; a broad joke; broad humor.
  10. Strongly marked; as, a broad Scotch accent.
  11. The broad part of anything; as, the broad of an oar.
  12. The spread of a river into a sheet of water; a flooded fen.
  13. A lathe tool for turning down the insides and bottoms of cylinders.
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Broad Translations

broad in Danish is bred
broad in Dutch is breed, wijd
broad in French is large
broad in German is umfassend, deutliche, breit, deutlich
broad in Italian is largo
broad in Latin is latus, prolixus
broad in Norwegian is bred
broad in Portuguese is largo, amplo
broad in Spanish is ancho