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Definition of Brisk


  1. Full of liveliness and activity; characterized by quickness of motion or action; lively; spirited; quick.
  2. Full of spirit of life; effervesc/ng, as liquors; sparkling; as, brick cider.
  3. To make or become lively; to enliven; to animate; to take, or cause to take, an erect or bold attitude; -- usually with up.

Brisk Translations

brisk in Afrikaans is lewendig
brisk in Danish is livlig
brisk in Dutch is levendig, druk, rap, kras, kwiek
brisk in French is vif
brisk in German is flott, forsch, forsch
brisk in Italian is vivace
brisk in Latin is strenuus
brisk in Norwegian is rask, livlig
brisk in Portuguese is vivo
brisk in Swedish is pigg, kry, hurtig, rask