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Definition of Breathing


  1. of Breathe
  2. Respiration; the act of inhaling and exhaling air.
  3. Air in gentle motion.
  4. Any gentle influence or operation; inspiration; as, the breathings of the Spirit.
  5. Aspiration; secret prayer.
  6. Exercising; promotion of respiration.
  7. Utterance; communication or publicity by words.
  8. Breathing place; vent.
  9. Stop; pause; delay.
  10. Also, in a wider sense, the sound caused by the friction of the outgoing breath in the throat, mouth, etc., when the glottis is wide open; aspiration; the sound expressed by the letter h.
  11. A mark to indicate aspiration or its absence. See Rough breathing, Smooth breathing, below.
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Breathing Translations

breathing in French is respirant
breathing in German is Beatmung
breathing in Italian is respirazione
breathing in Latin is flatus
breathing in Spanish is respiracion
breathing in Swedish is andades, andningen, andas